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AL KINDI HOSPITAL: ALEPPO ,SYRIA                                              



       The Al- Kindi Hospital is located in the north of Aleppo City. It lies near a major East/West-North/South axis that is vital for anyone trying to control the supply routes coming into the area. Originally, opened in 2003-2004, the hospital served the greater Aleppo region and was equipped with some of the latest medical technology. The hospital was associated with the ministry of education and provided medical study for the local universities.


*The Al-Kindi Hospital is located 2.3 miles south of Aleppo Central Prison. This facility is still held by the SAA and has been besieged for months. Reports are that attacks on the facility have lessened due to the new offensive coming from the South.


(Use Liveleak for image viewing if needed) 



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1) February, fighting breaks out in Aleppo province but most of the city population is supportive of the government/army. 


2) July, rebel/jihadist forces begin entering Aleppo City from the North and northeast, they capture huge parts of the North/south east parts of the city, The Syrian army reacts by deploying forces to contested districts. It becomes clear to both sides that more men and supplies are going to be needed to secure districts and defend the ones already in control.


3) August, after rebel/jihadist forces capture large amounts of territory, Syrian High Command sends some 15,000 troops (4th armored/elite) to stabilize the situation. They have success and are able to surround the city, but brutal fighting is ongoing in the city and the rebel/jihadist forces want to push south. *Important note-this is the first entrance of large groups of foreign jihadists into the Aleppo fray, Jabhat al-Nusra begins its rise to power.



(Video showing check-point near Al-Kindi hospital August , 2012)  


4) November-December, Things pick up in the Al-Kindi Hospital area. A rebel/jihadist offensive captures the military academy at Al-Muslimiya and Al-Kindi Hospital.


(Video showing Tawheed Brigade (rebel/jihadist) at Al-Kindi with captured AT-3 Sagger missiles.)  *upload date is 12/11/12, so I’m thinking this is beginning of December)

5) December, despite a rebel/jihadist offensive going on throughout the city, the SAA are still able to recapture the Al-Kindi Hospital. Now, the siege has begun and won’t end until…. The end.




1) April, siege continues and battle picks up as more rebel/jihadist forces enter the area to capture Al-Kindi and Aleppo Centro Prison. 

(Video of battle around Al-Kindi Hospital, note the hospital in the background, you can get an idea of troop disposition at this date in the battle)


*video reference map

Al-Kindi Video Reference Map 1.png

(Video around same time showing the pounding of the hospital by AA and tank fire HD)

2) December, by the start of this month, what was left of the defenders had been driven inside the perimeter  of the hospital.  Supplies were running low and the only hope was air supply for ammunition/food/water/medical supplies. (Video below shows just that scene)

The Final Scene: The Curtain Closes on Al-Kindi




SAA/Militia-from 75-100 fighters, little ammunition and water/food. Sleep depravation must be a problem with constant attacks and bombardment. Knowing that they will not make it out alive creates a defiant foe for the attackers, and we will see what it takes to snuff them out. 




Jihadist Groups-100’s-1000’s- mixed group of fighters from the experienced Caucus based Chechens, to the green conscripts from local principalities.*[Large number of Iraqis’] Groups Involved (Jabat Al-Nusra [main], Jabha Al- Islamiya, Ahrar Al Sham (Falcons), oh and a little bit of the FSA, to give this a semblance of legitimacy amongst western politicians, haha, sorry, it just becomes laughable after awhile .“Operation: The One Heart” - upon announcing this campaign, it would take them 3 weeks to conquer the hospital.


  Jabat Al-Nusra took over command and control of the operation because they were the most feared/respected and were comprised of battle hardened soldiers.  With this group came their favorite tactic, the VBIED (Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device). These guided bombs(pretty much) had been used in earlier battles with good success (i.e., Menagh airbase).  So they went to work doing what they do best. 


 The first VBIED was a BMP 1 loaded down with explosives. It was sent to summit the hill and detonate near the front building of Al-Kindi Hospital. As you will see in the video below, I believe the BMP hit a mine and detonated prematurely of its target. The cause of detonation could have been an rpg or anti-tank rocket, but the distance/location and dwindling ammunition leads me to the first conclusion.  This attack did have the affect of detonating any other mines in the vicinity and pushing any survivors back to the hospital proper. 

*Video Map Reference

Al-Kindi VBIED 1 Reference Map.png

 The early detonation wasn’t what the attackers had planned for , and the subsequent attack was a costly one. Many of the fighters in the initial wave of the assault were killed when the startled SAA recovered and repelled the attack. The event did show the rebel/jihadists that they could now get into the perimeter and that a VBIED was the best way to assault the buildings over high ground. 

Fighting went on for another week or so as a new plan was devised.  Finally, on December 20, a renewed assault was  planned, and this time a massive VBIED (Large lorry with TNT, propane tanks and propellants) was the preamble to the final assault.  

Now the stage was set, taking a page out of the book of the Republican Guards fighting in Damascus,  the assault groups loaded into BMP’s(medical) and charged up the hill. They were accompanied by tanks firing salvos into the building, point-blank at times. 

* My rendering of the scene:                                                                                                                                                                      

Al-Kindi VBIED 2 Reference Map.png


Al-Kindi Final Assault 3d.png

*Video of VBIED/Assault, and subsequent capture of prisoners.

After more than a year of fighting and several months of siege, Al-Kindi Hospital and her defenders had nothing left. A graveyard of vehicles, concrete and fallen soldiers, the few defenders crept out of their positions to surrender to the victorious rebel/jihadists. As you learned in the above video, these men were greeted with rifle butts, “‘Takbir’s”  and “Allah o Akbar”.  We may never know what happend to them, but as the sun set that day, there was quiet over Al-Kindi Hospital. 


 The battle for Al-Kindi Hospital illustrates the difficulty in assaulting a fortified building on high ground. Even with complete control of the surrounding area and a manpower advantage, it took the rebel/jihadists weeks to finally subdue the defending force. This battle, in the strategic sense, is but a blip on the radar screen after 3 years of conflict.  As the SAA progresses with their current offensive, it is only a matter of time before Al-Kindi Hospital starts burning, and the war machine keeps turning. 

 Author’s Note: 

 Thank you, for taking the time out to read this article, as you can see this type of journalism is my passion and I want to share it with yall. I have to say though, to be honest, I did this in honor of those few survivors and their brothers who didn’t make it. These are men, only defending their homes, friends and family from something  evil and foreign . This is a fight for humanity, and the freedom of nations to exist. Just like those men at Al-Kindi , when it is your duty to do something , you have too, and that is what I will try to do.  I appreciate all the feedback, and lets go forward to make things right again.  


Al-Kindi SAA Surrender.png

Gone, but not forgotten.

*****Look for photos of the hospital in the slideshow*****


That was a really impressive article! This battle surely showed those Jihadists that every cm (inch) of Syrian ground will be defended to the last living person.As one Bulgarian officer said - "There's nothing scary in death,because it's sweet to die for the Motherland!" Viva Syria!
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I don't think the survivors are still alive...
There were two SVBIED trucks on 20 December not just one
Defenders, they were few but happy few...
Theo from Holland
I love your detailed info and research. Is very important what you are doing. we need a lot of fresh and young investigators, like you.
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nice, effort shows. Its basically siege warfare, with the VBIED being some sort of battering ram on steriods... the same tactic was used yesterday in the Aleppo Prison attack... huge truck bomb followed by AFV/IFV assault... but it does not appear to have been fully successful
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TRPINTEL - thank you for your reply, glad that you agree with me on Ziad. In my book he's hurting the cause by his manipulations... Nevertheless the courage and sacrifice of the SAA just awe-inspiring, my utmost respect to those brave soldiers defending their country with own blood... Videos - you should have your own hosting capabilities because of the Google's censorship. Keep up the good work!
Great article! SAA are true heros, I believe soon children all over the world will be learning about their amazing bravery, inspiring courage and devotion to their Homeland. May the Providence protect them and their close ones. I still do not understand how this could happen - some phrases sound like describing a vacation trip: "July, rebel/jihadist forces begin entering Aleppo City..." And NOBODY IS STOPPING THEM?!! Where are the airplanes, artillery, tanks that should have turned them to dust?! I think I read somewhere that there was a treason involved by a military intelligence officer from Homes bribed with millions of dollars, now on vacation in Scarabia... Al-Kindi - how could this have happened? Why not some 1-2 day offensive to push back the terrorist and provide supplies and men? What with the SAA intelligence - was to so have the terrorists under surveillence and struck those IED trucks during preparation or delivery? I really do not understand how 20+ million strong nation cannot get rid of 30-70 thousands of terrorists... Very very sad....
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Really good webpage. And I like your sense for design, makes it pleasant to read since it's visually appealing.
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Some very good articles here. Do keep up the good work. It is very difficult to find this kind of military-political analysis in European and Western media outlets. And when I say difficult, I mean impossible. You are picking up where mainstream journalism has failed us and that is commendable.
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